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Time to kick it down a notch and LYAO while navigating the everyday world around you! Open up these pages and dive in…poems, drawings, anecdotes…all created to remind you about the lighter (more important) side of adulting. Available to bookstores through Ingram.

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ISBN: 978-0-9823456-2-7

Title Poem: The Curse in My Purse

My own mother gave me a curse,
A fate that couldn’t be worse.
In the form of a rhyme
Standing all tests of time,
I keep it right here in my purse.

You see, I once was your age;
Like you, in a bit of a rage.
Convinced I knew all
And quite full of gall,
Parading as some sort of sage.

You think saying “No” is unfair
You cry and say I don’t care.
You’re so out of touch,
I care so, so, so much!
All you give is that silly blank stare.

With heavy heart, I guess I’m resigned
To watch this all turn on a dime.
I hoped not to do this
But you’re putting me through this
Which means only one thing: It is time.

I’ll try not to show a sly grin
Or let you know that this is my win
But now I will read
The words given to me
That started this quandary we’re in.

Stop crying and hand me my pack
Not cutting you anymore slack.
Listen up while I read
The words you will heed
Once uttered, I can’t take them back.

My apologies for where this will go.
Full effect we may never know.
But one thing’s for sure
There won’t be a cure
This hex was devised long ago.

“I love you, my child, through and through.
These words will someday come true.
Your own future child
Who once was so mild
Will act just the way that you do.”