About TRP

Twisted River Publishing, LLC is not your everyday publishing company with a bunch of rules and forms. The goal of Twisted River is to help you get your writing out there…you’ve worked hard on it for a long, long time. Time to get it off your computer and onto the shelves.

Normally, a publisher has a bunch of guidelines for how to turn things in, a certain number of words and an outline requirement. Not here.

If you have an idea forming and you’d like to pitch it, get in touch with us at contact@twistedriverpublishing.com. We have a writer’s group, we have a strong team of editors, and  we have people willing to listen to your thoughts and give you feedback.

If your idea is in the works and you would like to send us what you have to see if it’s strong enough to publish, get in touch with us.

If you are feeling like your book is all set to go and you’d like to get rolling on the publishing side, send it to our editors and we will look it over. If it’s a good match for Twisted River, we’ll work out a deal.

At Twisted River, our goal is to help you reach yours.